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DPPC is socially and academically a vibrant place where all have space to express their views.The living ambience and social milieu of the campus is also reflected in an integrated, interdisciplinary approach in teaching and research. Shaping a better future for mankind by developing effective and socially responsible individuals and organizations."To become a globally recognized brand in the areas of education and research in pharmaceutical sciences for the benefit of people of India and other countries and the growth of the pharmaceutical industry." Continuous professional development for pharmacists with the ultimate aim of providing competent patient care and drug development to national and international communities.


To impart knowledge, develop skills and competencies in students in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.To develop and advance the knowledge, attitude and skills of pharmacists and faculty member who can provide comprehensive pharmaceutical care to patients, improve patient outcomes, and meet societal needs for safe and effective drug therapy. To develop, promote and nurture research activities pursuing advances in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice. Translating research into healthcare practice is a cornerstone of our mission. Be the most preferred choice of students, faculty and industry.Creation of specialized centres to cater to the needs of pharmaceutical industries and other research and teaching institutes. A healthy dose of learning combined with rewarding life-long career with the foundation of ethical citizenship and with a commitment to serve the community, the University is always bonding with the leaders